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What is Photocatalytic Cement | Advantages of Photocatalytic Cement

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What is Photocatalytic Cement?

Photocatalytic Cement is also known as self-cleaning concrete

The unique properties of this cement are photocatalytic components that use the energy from ultraviolet rays to oxidize organic and inorganic compounds.

properties of Photocatalytic self-cleaning concrete 

The properties of concrete both plastic and hardened stage would not decline by adding photocatalytic materials, slump, air content, unit weight, set time, workability, permeability, flexural strength and compressive like ordinary concrete provided that proper guidelines are employed.


The most extraordinary property of this kind of cement is self-cleaning.

This led to keeping up with the aesthetical appearance of designs for quite a while. Photocatalytic materials used in the production of photocatalytic concrete will help in the decomposition of harmful gases that are produced because of emission gases with rainwater.


          It may not be reasonable for inside applications since it

          needs light to be enacted. In any case, counterfeit light 

          might decline this detriment partially.

Photocatalytic self-cleaning concrete can’t be marked as spray painting evidence since different paints are bright and safe and turned into a boundary between daylight and substantial surface.

Applications of Photocatalytic self-cleaning concrete:

It is utilized in the development of different designs.

It is used in the construction of roads.

concrete sidewalks

Tilt-up concrete side panels

Noise barriers for roads and highways.

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2nd Floor, Aditya Enclave, Road no 5 c1555, opp, Jubilee Hills
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