The following guidelines provide a snapshot of listing rules on and it is by no way an exhaustive list. You are obliged to familiarise yourself with this guidelines (including other policies and our TOS) before using our website.  We reserve the rights to update this Guidelines without prior notice.

  • It is the sole responsibility of Advertisers to ensure that the advertisements they post are suitable for public listings on LokalClassified, that is, they are legal and decent.
  • Advertiser must be aged 18+ in order to be eligible to register a user account or place Ad(s) on as doing otherwise will amount to breaking the laws and our Terms of Service.  You are not allowed to create a bogus or multiple user accounts under any circumstance.
  • We reserve the rights to edit, re-classify, or thrash any Ad at our discretion at anytime including a previously approved Ad when such Ad is deemed to be detriment to the community and the company. We reserve the rights to suspend, ban, or delete a User account should they be deemed to violate our TOS.
  • You should personally own the item or provide the service you are selling (except where you are acting as Estate Agent, Broker, etc).  If the item is new, you should have it in stock.  No dropshipping or earning through affiliate is allowed.
  • You are not allowed to post duplicate ads; post same ad in different categories or countries, using a different user account, including posting in a wrong Category.
  • You must choose the appropriate Category and a relevant sub-category for your ad, failing which your ad would be rejected.
  • You are prohibited from posting unwarranted comments or links whether for the purpose of marketing, SEO, or similar aims.  This behaviour is akin to SPAM.
  • We will never publish work from home bogus job ads which we considered scam.  If any user is found posting such scam ads, we will swiftly block your user account, block your IP and even block your country as we are receiving hundreds of such spam ads from India and Pakistan every day.
  • You are not allowed to use or register a user account with a fake or temporary or disposable email address.  It is illegal to post fake ad on this website in a bid to swindle people, mislead, cause offence, heat the polity, or otherwise; and where this has resulted in a crime, we will cooperate with the Police to the full extent possible under the Law to ensure you are apprehended to face justice.

Penalty for breaching this Guidelines
Make no mistakes, if you breach our guidelines, the implication would likely lead to all your ads (including previously approved) to be thrashed and you risk your account being suspended or closed.

You are not allowed to advertise or post anything that infringe on the Copyrights of other people, business, or entities as doing so is illegal. Things like copies or backups of software and games, items that exist only in electronic format, etc.

Language and Tone
We only allow Ads in English Language. You cannot post ads using graphic, obscene, violent, racist in any form which may be deemed as inappropriate, offensive, or illegal.

Forbidden Products And Services
You are forbidden in advertising tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, recreation drugs, chemicals, online pharmacies, get rich quick, money ritual, counterfeit products, and other illegal items, substances, goods, and services.

GSM and Controlled Technologies
You are not allowed to advertise Devices designed to detect radar, devices or software designed to decode radio communications and similar security devices.

Requests for money
You are forbidden from placing ads soliciting for money, donations, help, etc., except such ad was placed by a registered charity. Such Ad(s) must shown their registered charity number.

Selling Plants and Animals
Ad listings of Plants and Animals must show their most recent images and full descriptions. Plants must be quarantined and followed applicable rules and regulations.

If you are breeding dogs for sale within the terms of the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act, you must be appropriately licenced and comply with applicable laws.

You cannot post ad for Fila Brasiliero, Japanese Tosas, Pit Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentino, crosses of these breeds, or other dogs of the type controlled under UK Dangerous Dogs legislation.

Animals listed within Annex A of the CITES endangered species list can only be sold with a valid Article 10 certificate number duly stated in the Ad. (this includes but not limited to certain species of cockatoo, tortoise, parakeet, parrots).

You are not allowed to list any breed of meerkats, genets or monkeys for sale (or otherwise) in any circumstance whatsoever.

You are not allowed the buying or selling of any animals located outside the UK, or the selling of animals.
Buyer must comply with the duty of care obligations to an animal as stipulated under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Additionally, you must comply with the following regulations where applicable Tail Docking, Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014,

You are obliged to meet PAAG minimum standards.

Beginning April 6th 2016, all dogs must be microchipped in order to be advertised on LokalClassified as defined by The Microchipping of Dogs Regulations across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland,

Animal and Wildlife Products
Trade in CITES Annex B species is legal provided you complied with the law including obtaining necessary export permits. See CITES

We do not encourage poaching and thus, you are not allowed to post / list / advertise Ivory or Ivory products on this website.
For more information, see WWF

You are not allowed to advertise any weapons (guns, firearms, ammunition, replica firearms, firearm accessories, crossbows, knives, etc.) the list is not exhaustive.
For more information, see Offensive Weapons Act 1996

Adult Videos and DVDs
You are not allowed to advertise R18 classified videos or DVDs (including Non BBFC classified videos or DVDs).

Business Opportunities
You are forbidden from advertising any ponzi schemes, MLM schemes that generate income solely through recruiting new members, Cryptocurrencies, illegitimate Stock trading, Work from home scams, Free Winnings scam, Lottery scam, Money doubler scam, (including but not limited to any form of Get Rich ads).

Financial Service
Ads for consumer loans, credit cards, mortgage, insurance, or other financial services must be registered and complied with the Consumer Credit Act.
See Consumer Credit Act 1974 – Credit Advertising

Masseuse & Therapy Service
Any Ad offering massage, therapy, or counselling services must have a valid insurance policy covering public liability and professional indemnity.

Adult Services
You are not allowed to place ads for sexual services (including but not limited to escort services).

Premium Rate Telephone Services
All ads for telephone chat lines and other premium rate services must comply with guidelines set out by the ICSTIS. In particular, they must make clear how much will be charged for the call.
For more information see ICSTIS – The Premium Rate Services Regulator