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Top Martech Companies of 2021

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Top Martech Companies of 2021

What is a Martech Stack? – A Martech stack is a group of technologies a marketing team uses to execute their marketing campaign efficiently and effectively.

Why do you need a Martech stack? – “According to “MarTech: 2020 and Beyond.” MarTech now accounts for 30% of the overall marketing budget spend in North America”. Handling everything manually for modern marketing is time-consuming and inefficient. By automating certain tasks you free up your team time and it helps them to plan more effective and efficient strategies to stand out in the market. Beyond timing, it also optimizes your process and boosts your campaign. With sheer time you need tools that can convert data into actionable insights in no time. Martech helps you to plan and make choices according to data-driven insights and helps you analyze your marketing campaign better & being Top 5 Martech Companies of 2021. With the right tools, your team can create more strategic campaigns, increase engagement, and more conversion.

Key functions of a fully functional b2b martech stack include:

 – Task Automation

 – Streamline workflows

 – Data-Driven decision making

 – Tracking and measuring

Steps to Build your martech stack – “According to a martech survey, more than 50 percent of marketers’ stacks feature six to 10 solutions, and 40 percent use more than 10 solutions.” Now, we know the resultant chaos of this leads to the famous “Marketer’s tussle”, especially when it comes to knowing what should be your top 6 or top 10 tools of choice. After all, a futile martech stack is even more dangerous than no martech stack at all.

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