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The Transition from DMaaS to DCIM – A Perspective!



Location : Mission Viejo, California, United States

According to a report, data centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) grew at a 20 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Let’s see if this indicates that the transition from DMaaS to DCIM has begun.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the process of monitoring, measuring, and managing IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, power, and cooling systems, as well as data centres. It aids in the real-time observation of environmental variables and the capture of precise information.

Data-center Management as a Service (DMaaS) is a service that uses DCIM software to manage data centres. It takes data collection a step further by collecting equipment and device data from a large number of data centres, then anonymizing, pooling, and analysing the data at scale. It has the ability to change how data centres are managed and run.

The Transition from DMaaS to DCIM


Difference between DMaaS and DCIM:

DCIM software has had a lengthy history of hype but a short history of delivery. ROI is tough to implement and can be confusing. DCIM can help businesses decrease risk while also enabling new efficiencies, better capacity predictions, and more agility. Despite the challenges, such as establishing operational adjustments to enable DCIM and calculating overall ROI, it remains an under-utilized technology.

DMaaS addresses these issues while also increasing the value of DCIM. When computing environments are dispersed over traditional on-premises data centres, cloud and colocation sites, and edge computing applications, DCIM becomes more difficult.

What does DCIM deliver that DMaaS doesn’t?

DMaaS’s long-term goal is to integrate physical data-center infrastructure management with a slew of other services, including IT workload management, energy management, connectivity, and business costing. DMaaS still has a long way to go. It goes beyond DCIM and single-site, proprietary management in the data center sector.


Mission Viejo, California, United States
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