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Basketbros is a fast-paced arcade basketball game with simple controls and challenginggameplay. The mechanics are very simple; you just need to tap the screen inorder to shoot the ball at your opponent. However, there is more to it thanthat; timing, precision and strategy are key components of this game.

In BasketBros,you take control of one of two characters on either team and compete againstanother player or the AI. In each round, you must outscore the other person byshooting baskets before they do so first. If you can’t score fast enough buthave a chance for a three-pointer, should you take it? What if you have a wideopen look from behind the arc but only have time for one more shot? These arejust some of the many strategic considerations you must make in this excitingnew game from Betaware.The idea is topick up a ball and get it into your opponent’s hoop. You can either shoot it,dribble it in, or pass it to a teammate. The first team to make 10 points winsBut there’s also another way you can dominate in the BasketBros game- byplaying as a team. A team of two people will face off against another twopeople. One of the players on one team will be disguised as a woman and theother player has to pick which person is disguised. This game is cooperative,which means that both teams work together to try and win.

How To Play Planet Clicker 2

It’s time to getback to planet clicker 2. In this sequel, you will once again take careof an alien race that is stuck on a single planet. You will once again facechoices that will shape your future and the future of your alien race. It’s agame about making money, but it’s also a game about making moral choices. Doyou sell food at a cheap price, or do you sell it at a high price? Do you let afew workers toil at a slow pace, or do you allow everyone to work at their topspeed? Do you sell alien artifacts at a cheap price or do you sell it at a highprice? Do you let your workers keep the money they earned or do you keep it foryourself? The choices you make will impact your alien race and the alien racewill remember these choices for generations.

Planet Clicker 2is a mobile strategy game where your sole goal is to defend your planet frombeing destroyed by an evil force. The more you play, the stronger you become,and the harder things get. But that’s a good thing! It means you have come farand are on the right track to saving your planet. This Planet Clicker 2 guidewill give you everything you need to know about this awesome game. So let’sbegin!


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