Preparing Your Business For Cyberattacks



Date : 01/12/2022
Location : Mission Viejo, California

Businesses need to keep up with the development andevolution of technology to protect themselves from cyberattacks.Cyber ​​attacks are common today and cause more damage than ever before. It’sgetting harder to protect your organization as threat actors become morecreative and attacks become more sophisticated.

Therefore, responding to the incident and reorganizing thenetwork is no longer enough. The shift from reactive to proactive is importantnow. In this new age of cyber threats, businesses, banking institutions, andother organizations are now seriously re-evaluating their security measures.Organizations should think about the steps required when planning a cyberattack.

Timely cyber security analysis

You need to identify your vulnerabilities before you starttaking steps to protect your business from cyberthreats. Security audits can show your business where it needs to improve.Creating a strategy to maximize your recovery in the event of a data breach orother cyberattack is the first step in the process. You can start makingmeaningful efforts to strengthen your security and protect your organizationagainst future cyber attacks once you know where your business stands on itssecurity and where you can improve.

● Use a firewall

Unsecured networks are vulnerable to attacks. The first stepin protecting an organization’s network is to use a firewall. They monitorunauthorized traffic attempts to access your operating system. They form abarrier between trusted internal networks and suspicious external networks.Firewalls manage and monitor your network access like traffic controllers. Theyprovide excellent security, enabling you to browse the Internet safely. Theyare used to assess various potential threats to the customer’s network. ● Trainyour staff

With cyber threats on the rise, you need to train youremployees for changing risks and updates on new practices.Your business will bebetter if your employees are well informed about cyberattacks and how toprotect your data. Employers can include updated policies in their employeehandbooks and training. Providing employees with cybersecurity training atleast once a year will help keep your business as efficient as possible whileeducating them on current threats. ● Use strong passwords

Weak, lost or stolen passwords are the main cause of manydata breaches. Employers should ensure that their employees create securepasswords and even use password management software to keep them safe. In theage of remote/hybrid work style, people prefer to work from their devices.Companies should also ensure that all user devices that connect to the companynetwork are password protected. Users should update passwords frequently anduse different passwords for each different account. Members can use two-factorauthentication for logins that require sensitive data such as financial,personal or other information.




Mission Viejo, California
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Safety tips
  1. Beware of scammers, fraudsters, etc.
  2. You need to physically see and test items before purchase
  3. Never advance payment for anything.  It is a sign of scam. 

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