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 Video marketing is the new standard form of marketing in this internet era. Traditional marketing tools & platforms such as newspapers, magazines, advertising on radio & spending a significant amount on television advertising & creating expensive advertisements have aged well. These advertising methods still are efficient but far more costly when compared to the new marketing tools that are powered by the internet such as SEO, Websites, Social Media & E-commerce platforms.

 Modern internet marketing platforms such as Search Engines & Social Media platforms have a billion active users every hour, scrolling through their feeds. Today successful businesses know the importance of digital marketing & how crucial are explainer video services when it comes to creating a good product or services video offered by businesses.

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What are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are short, informative videos that time-laps for around 1-3 minutes. These videos are advertised by companies & successful businesses to showcase their products & services. Many top brands such as Nike, Apple, Samsung & Amazon use explainer videos in the form of graphics or a professional video shoot to showcase their products & services on the internet platform.

Successful businesses today know the importance of explainer video services & how can advertising be done in a subtle, subconscious way with the use of explainer videos. Connecting to an explainer video company can help your businesses get that perfect video that explains your brand, business, product, or services to your target audience more efficiently at affordable costs.

Get Your Business Ready For Explainer Videos

The new normal marketing trend for businesses is to market their brands on search engines & social media platforms. Top companies know the importance of Explainer video services & how effective the results can be. Even when it comes to knocking-out the socks out of your competitors, explainer videos can benefit you. The average explainer video pricing for business can start from 5000$ to 30000$, at times often the expenses can fluctuate depending on the requirements & customizations but in the end, the results are beyond expectation.

Brand Awareness

Generating brand awareness, especially for new businesses, or companies that enter into new markets with a completely different product is often a challenge. Explainer videos are cost-efficient tools that can be used to spread brand awareness in a short span of time, lesser cost & by targeting the correct set of customers.

Online Presence

The definition & tools used for marketing in modern times have changed. Top search engines such as Google & Bing hold billion of active users, also social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter & Linkedin are platforms where top brands love to market their products, even having a quality website is a must for every successful business. Explainer videos go well on every social media, & search engine platform in fact businesses that used explainer video services to market on the internet platform had sufficient profits, sales, customers & brand awareness when compared to businesses that had no online presence at all.

Reaching The Audience

The best quality of explainer videos is that they can be customized, edited & manipulated according to the likes & preferences of your customers & target audience. Smartphone companies such as Apple & Samsung customize their product explainer videos in such a way that it attracts the interest, likes & tastes of their target audience. Further top Search engine platforms & Social Media platforms have introduced paid advertisements that can be controlled & directed to your target audience when they browse through the internet.

Increase Sales

All businesses want to increase their sales, profits, and revenue, & capture the market. An effective explainer video can help boost brand awareness by targeting the correct set of audiences & thus increase the sales of the product or services offered by the business.

Best Explainer Video Company

Explainer Mojo is the leading explainer video production company in UK & USA. Providing a wide range of explainer video services all under one roof. We are a team of highly professional,& dedicated team of marketing professionals that are masters in creating video content that helps businesses market their business more effectively on the Internet platform. Explainer Mojo aim to provide a complete package of video production services to its clients, the help grow business. Feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo, the best explainer video company in USA today


Kemp House, 160 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX, United K
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