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Hippo Wallet Outlines their Privacy Policy




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It is only natural for users to learnabout their rights and the terms and conditions or privacy policy of theproduct they are using. These are especially crucial in the blockchain andcryptocurrency industries, where regulations are often dictated by only selectcountries.


Hippo Wallet, a decentralised cryptowallet created by Blockchain Commodities DMCC, has laid down itsprivacy policy intricately to let its users know that their privacy is theapp’s top priority. Being non-custodial, Hippo Wallet does not ask its usersfor personal or identifiable information.


The app may collect some informationjust for the users to convey any bugs or problems (e.g. IP address, language,country, browser type/version, time zone setting) but not anything other thanthat. In fact, the app ensures that the users’ mnemonic keys are stored on theusers’ devices only and nowhere else.


The team highlighted that usersshould read the privacy policy first before using their website and downloadingthe app. As they said, doing so would mean that the users have already agreedto the use, disclosure, and procedures that are outlined in the Privacy Policy.


Hippo Wallet’s Privacy Policy contains importantinformation such as: how they collect information (e.g. IP address, language,country, browser type/version, time zone setting), how they use the datagathered, how that data is retained and is secure on their site, onlinetracking, and how they respond to do not track signals, to name a few.


In its entirety, the Privacy Policymakes users feel secure about using Hippo Wallet’s app and website. The teamalso stressed that users should review the Privacy Policy now and then to seeif there are changes and be aware of its terms.


The Hippo Wallet app is available forfree download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It is alsoavailable on Windows, Linux, and macOS desktops.


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