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Egyptian Musk Oil




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Egyptian musk oil’s earthy scent has a fascinating history. This oil is sourced from plant-based ingredients and extracts nowadays. It is cruelty-free, unlike the old method of harvesting this scent. It has been widely used before for its wide range of benefits, including:
-> Calming and relaxing property
-> Spiritual cleansing
-> Hydrating and moisturizing
-> Insect repellant
-> Anti-tussive and anti-inflammatory

The rich, warm scent of musk oil is a true head-turner. It’s pretty powerful, so use it sparingly, or it can be overbearing. It’s perfect in the winter, but good to note that it can be cloying in warmer months.

BargzNY manufactures and retails all-organic fragrance oils and you can find everything from a BargzNY home fragrance to a lavender beauty essential oil here. The variety is huge and the quality is supreme. BargzNY Egyptian musk oil, a rich perfume oil is worth a try and a spray of it can transport you through Egypt’s rich history. Buy today!



195 bay 19th street
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