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Building Material Quantities for House Construction



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Unrefined substances expected for building developments are of two distinct classes – regular and manufactured. We as a whole know that up to 60% of the complete development cost is of building materials. While building a house, understanding and examining the quality boundaries of the materials is vital.

It is essential to have a reasonable plan to gauge the costing and amount elements of the materials to come by the best result. The assessment of the materials for development relies upon the Development Region. Contingent upon the project workers or manufacturers, assessment statements might shift. Here, we are giving a standard estimate of natural substances for 1000 sqft house.


   Concrete assumes a most huge part in the development. It is expected in planning concrete for RCC structure, in block workmanship works, and for putting the walls. Quality concrete functions admirably when mixed with the perfect proportion of water, sand and totals.

The concrete is accessible in various grade types – PPC or PSC are utilized for workmanship and completing purposes, though OPC is by and large liked for substantial works.

Of the complete material expense, concrete required ultimately depends on 16%. Around 0.4 concrete sack is utilized per sqft of development that makes a sum of 400 concrete packs of 50 kg each is consumed for 1000 sqft house.


   Sand is chiefly utilized for getting ready RCC, mortar, mortar, filling and deck as well. Sand ought to be very much evaluated and liberated from the cut or any natural matter.

Of the all out material expense, the sand commitment ultimately depends on 12%. Around 1.8 cubic ft per sqft that makes a sum of 1800 cubic ft for 1000 sqft.


   Coarse totals are by and large utilized for making substantial blending in with sand, concrete and water. It would be ideal for they to be perfect and thick to build the strength of the substantial.

Around 1.35 cubic ft is utilized per sqft that makes a sum of 1350 cubic ft for 1000 sqft. The commitment of totals ultimately depends on 8% of the absolute material expense.

TMT Steel Bars

   TMT Steel Bars are the most urgent underlying parts utilized in the support concrete cement. They are accessible in various grades, generally ordinarily utilized among them is Fe-500 grade type.

TMT bars utilization per sqft developed region is 2.1 kg per sqft that makes a sum of 2100 kgs of TMT bars per 1000 sqft. The general commitment of Steel of the all out material expense is around 24%.

Bricks or Blocks

   Blocks or Blocks are utilized for brick work development. The most widely recognized block size utilized for 9-inch wall development is 9x4x3 inch. The blocks or blocks utilized ought to be of uniform tone, size and with sharp straight edges.

For 1000 sqft, we require at least 25000 to 34000 blocks. Of the all out material expense, the blocks or blocks contribute up to 5%.

Paints and Finishes

   Dissimilar to different materials, painting of walls carries tone to the house. Paints utilized for development are of two sorts inside paints and outside paints. Paints ought to be water-evidence, sturdy and exceptionally impervious to climatic circumstances.

The interior and outer utilization of paints for walls per sqft developed region is 0.14 liters and 0.04 liters. Paints commitment depends on 4% of the complete material expense.


   Vitrified tiles are most ordinarily involved tiles for ground surface. They are of high strength and water-retentive fired tiles for deck. Other than the tiles, one can go for marble and stone deck.

Of the complete material expense, tiles utilization really depends on 8%. In the event that the tiles are 2ft x 2ft, the base number of tiles required is 80-100.

Different Materials

   The materials incorporate pipes things, electrical things, wooden items like entryways and windows, and restroom embellishments. The general material expense can be of 23%. The prerequisites of these materials might differ from one individual to another’s decision.

The subtleties referenced above are simply assessment or approximations of the complete materials cost and amounts required developing a 1000 sqft house. The material expense and sum might change relying on the quality, area and brand. These tips might assist you with getting the smartest thoughts of how to purchase the material with next to no wastage.

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2nd Floor, Aditya Enclave, Road no 5 c1555, opp, Jubilee Hills
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