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eCommerce stores that are attractive, efficient, eye catching,encouraging and turn visitors to customers. Shopify website expanding multipleindustries including clothing, fashion, medicine, garments, automotive,electronics, FMCG and much more

Shopify Website Features


·        You can choose from more than500 shopify professional themes that can be customized to cater your brand andvision. All themes provided are mobile responsive and accessible from mobile,tablet, laptop or desktop

Shopify is one of the mostsecure eCommerce Platforms available with data encryption, spam protection,anti-hacking protection, data protection, secure payment gateways and much more.

·        Shopify offers user friendlyproduct management system with customer database management. Order refund andmanagement with multiple email templates available. Extensive professionalreports and growth metrics are available

·        Extensive sales and marketingreports are available. Analytics regarding visitors, users, orders, sales andinventory are easily understood and utilized. Export the reports and data tothe desired medium i.e. PDF, Excel or others

·        Shopify is light, fast and hasa quick load time for any size store. It offers you unlimited bandwidth of datawith 99% guaranteed uptime for services. All stores are updated automaticallywithout damaging your store layout

·        Flexible Management

The system is highly optimizedand search engine ready like Google. It includes discount coupon feature, giftcards and wish lists. Incorporating selling products on social media withproduct review

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NewYork NY, USA
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Safety tips
  1. Beware of scammers, fraudsters, etc.
  2. You need to physically see and test items before purchase
  3. Never advance payment for anything.  It is a sign of scam. 

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