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Arches and Lintels in Construction

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What is Lintel?

Subsequently the design stays in the situation by the opposition from the help.

What is an Arch?

An Arch May be defined as the mechanical arrangement of wedge-shaped blocks of stones or bricks mutually supporting each other and supported at the end by piers or abutments.

An Arch is a development that crosses a space and supports plan and weight under it.

Types of Lintels?

  1. Timber Lintels
  2. Stone Lintels
  3. Brick Lintels
  4. Reinforced Brick Lintels
  5. Steel Lintels
  6. Reinforced cement concrete Lintels.

1. Timber Lintels:

     Easily Available in hills areas.

     Generally expensive, primarily powerless and helpless against fire.

     Effectively rot while possibly not appropriately taken care.

Types of Archs:

Geometry Based Arches

  1. Flat Arch
  2. Semi-circular Arch
  3. Segmental Arch
  4. Reliving Arch 
  5. Parabolic Arch
  6. Trefoil Arch
  7. Ogee Arch
  8. Multifoil Arch
  9. Basket Handle Arch

Flat Arch: An Arch having a horizontal intrados with voissiors radiating from a centre below often built with a slight camber to allow settling is called a flat or jack arch.

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2nd Floor, Aditya Enclave, Road no 5 c1555, opp, Jubilee Hills
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