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Simpleekare is a comprehensive healthcare company that offers a wide range of medical services, including surgical procedures, through its innovative and technology-driven platform. We understand the importance of surgical interventions in treating various health conditions and strive to make them accessible and convenient for our patients. Through our online platform, patients have the opportunity to connect with experienced surgeons and specialists who can assess their condition, provide expert advice, and recommend appropriate surgical solutions. Our goal is to ensure that patients receive the best possible care while minimizing the need for in-person visits and reducing wait times. Simpleekare offers a diverse array of surgical services across India with different medical specialties. General Surgery: Our team of skilled general surgeons performs a range of procedures, such as lipoma removal surgery, hernia repair, gallbladder surgery, appendicitis laparoscopic surgery, anal fissure treatment, phimosis treatment, gallbladder stone surgery, kidney stone treatment, piles laser treatment, Varicose Veins Surgery. Simpleekare : Accessible Health Care: Bringing Quality Medical Services to Your Doorstep. Click to read more information about Simpleekare health


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