Top Five Meditation Apps to keep you calm in 2022


Date : 09/05/2022
Location : Mission Vejio

Meditation apps streamline the meditating process making it easier and more intuitive. But what is the best fit for someone who is a beginner or a pro?

People are social creatures. In the rush of daily tasks and earning bread and butter, we often overlook how we feel. When was the last time you talked about your feelings? When it comes to spiritual well-being, meditation is the way to observe your inner-self. Mindfulness is not a fad anymore. It is a necessity after surviving an unexpected global pandemic.

Here are AI-Tech’s highly recommended Top Five Meditation Apps to keep you calm in 2022

Insight Timer – Insight Timer is a robust meditation app offering thousands of free sessions from worldwide teachers. If your friends and family are using the same app, you can engage with the sessions they have been listening to.

Simple Habit – As James Clear said in Atomic Habits, success is the product of daily habit – not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.

Medito – Medito is an app with a holistic approach based on ancient and recent meditation techniques. They have guided and non-guided meditations to help people cope with anxiety and stress.

Calm – Calm is one of the most famous meditation apps out there. Though it is a paid app, the premium facilities are worth paying for. The plans range from $4 monthly to $50 yearly.

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