Negative Ions Sticker EMF Shield



Type : Sell
Date : 03/10/2022
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : 344 Briarwood Road

We all know we use our phones too much. Even when I’m not using it, it’s right by my side. While they are convenient they do come with unknown risks. With our Negative Ions Sticker and EMF Shield, you can provide yourself more protection from these devices AND also give the gift of protection to friends and family.

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Does not affect the quality of reception
Easy installation


Condition: Brand New
Quantity: 1
Package Includes: 1 x Anti-Radiation Shield
Compatible with: Cell Phone, Tablet, Walkie Talkie, Cordless Home Phone


1.Take off the adhesive tape on the back of the patch

2. Paste the adhesive side of the patch on the back of the mobile phone near the antenna (antenna position is on the top left or top right of M.P where the patch can reduce the radiation rate by more than 95 percent).

3. When pasting on the battery, we shall pay attention to avoid the electrode of the battery, either the front or back can be pasted.

4. Anti-radiation patch can be cut as the necessary size which does not affect product features. To play a good effect, it must cover more than 70 percent of the battery area when being pasted on the battery

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EMFDEFENSE™ Negative Ions Sticker EMF Shield FOR Phone and other electronics (3 FOR THE PRICE OF 1)! We have 24/7 live along with FREE shipping.


344 Briarwood Road
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