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How to fix up and use a carbon filter kit

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Date : 22/09/2021
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Your hydroponic garden maintains the proper air quality. Even if you have a small greenhouse, ensure that there is proper ventilation, and your plants get the required air. You all know plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air to prepare their food. Inadequate supply of air causes malnutrition in your garden. Your plants do not grow to their potential growth. Improper air supply also invites different diseases to attack your garden.

So, when you make a hydroponic garden, make sure the airflow is proper to your plants. For air-quality management, gardeners have the well-designed and latest equipment. Filtration kits are the most common equipment for this purpose. This kit contains a range of devices to promote air circulation and prevent obnoxious odors. 

A Filtration Kit apparatus

There are different types of filtration kits available in the market, depending on the size of a garden. If you have a fixed budget, you can get items within your budget. A common filtration kit contains a carbon filter, a fan, and ducting. Each component is described below:

1: Fans

A fan promotes air exchange in your garden. There are different types of fans available online such as centrifugal fans and oscillating fans. They come in different sizes depending on your plant’s needs. If you don’t like fans, use air-active blowers for the same purpose.

2: Carbon filters

Carbon filters are set up to purify the air and keep it free from foul smells. A carbon filter kit in Australia consists of charcoal that absorbs impurities and odors. You can give your plants a healthy and odor-free environment using a carbon filter kit.

3: Ducting

Ducts have significant functions of bringing in fresh air and removing decayed air. Ducts are generally made of metal and come in different shapes and have additional flexibility.

Installation of filtration kits

Before you install a filtration kit, check the position where it is more functional. For maximum effectiveness, fit it close to the ceiling. Stale air is warmer and rises upwards. To extract the stale air, the filter should be set in the wall near the ceiling. Most fans contain mounting brackets to attach to walls.

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