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  • what is surrogacy?  A gestational carrier (GC) is a woman who has a fertilized egg from another woman transferred into her uterus and carries and delivers the child on behalf of the intended parent(s).

    The woman carrying the pregnancy is not biologically related to the child she is carrying; the eggs and sperm come from the intended parents (and in some instances, donor and/or sperm donor). Through the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF), the eggs are fertilized in the lab and then the embryo is transferred into the uterus of the gestational carrier.

    why be a surrogate? nothing is more noble than to bring a new life into this world and help future parents achieve their dream! You’ll be chosen to help that couple become a family. You’re the one person who can turn an only child into a brother or a sister. It’s a selfless gift unlike any other, and the sense of accomplishment is a benefit all its own.

    Fundamental Requirements
    1) Age Between 21 – 36
    2) BMI Under 29
    3) U.S. Citizen or Permanent Residence in a Surrogate Friendly State
    4) Have had at least one successful, live birth with no complications
    5) Smoke & Drug-Free
    6) Financially Stable

    Additional Requirements
    7) Not currently breastfeeding
    8]Not currently on IUD and/or birth control implant
    9) Not taking mental illness medication
    10) No prior felony
    11) Stable lifestyle and good support system

    Solid Disqualified Checklist

    1]Non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident
    2]Age over 36
    3]BMI over 29
    4]Pre-mature labor or birth & 36 weeks for the last pregnancy
    5] No reason irregular menstrual cycle
    6] Applicants have felony history
    7] Currently on mental illness medication
    8]Applicants who has more than 2 C-sections and/or total of 4 previous deliveries
    9]Bipolar disorder
    10] Smoker & Drug user

    remember this is NOT a career or job, it is a temporary contract agreement. To be considered as a Gestational Carrier, please apply online. hope you become apart of our team and family at PrimeSurro!


2255 Champa Street, Denver, CO, USA
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