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Data Management for Customer Experience




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Data Management for Customer Experience

According to Todd Hatley from RRD Marketing, Brands can empower their customer experience strategies by leveraging data management and analytics to meet new demands. After a turbulent 2020, we’ve emerged with evolved perspectives, new habits, and sharper preferences. “Must have” shifted from desire to necessity. “Know me” evolved from product recommendations to empathy. “Digital transformation” moved from the three year plan to the three week plan. Unlikely brands stepped into the spotlight and thrived while others struggled to find their footing. Amidst these seismic disruptions, the sheer amount of data grew as consumers were dependent, like never before, on digital experiences to explore, research, converse, transact, review, and more.

In our daily discussions, we hear from marketers that they’re now finding themselves having to work harder than ever to maintain brand preference and to do so, they’re continuing to focus on the consistent delivery of a personalized customer experience. It is a critical element to their success. Not surprisingly, at the heart of this personalized customer experience is seamless data management, driving a comprehensive, single view of the customer.

This sets the foundation to develop the deep customer insights that inform the personalization of each customer touchpoint. Challenges exist though, as always. Many organizations have downsized teams and now find themselves challenged to manage, and more importantly activate, an increasing volume of data. There are conflicting priorities between running and operating the day-to-day business and investing the necessary time to analyze data and extract actionable insights. While many marketers have adapted and modernized their CX strategies to follow evolving customer preferences, others still lack a unified view of the customer, seamless integration between internal departments, and a clear understanding of the ROI of their CX initiatives.

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