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Date : 11/05/2022
Location : Mission Vejio

Threat intelligence is an alarming affair for most Cybersecurity professionals. But what are some basics of threat intelligence that you need to know?

Threat intelligence strategies are critical to protecting enterprises, as cybersecurity professionals are well aware. With stronger data privacy rules and looming cyber warfare, the issues become very terrifying. So why not beef up your defence by learning about the most recent threats and vulnerabilities?

Threat Intelligence or better known as CTI(Cyber Threat intelligence) is a process to identify and mitigate potential or current cyber threats through intelligence demonstrated by platforms. Negligence on their importance can hamper an organization’s data and image.

Here we have a comprehensive guide on Threat Intelligence that can help you stay ahead of the curve-

Re-equipping with Tech

The basic notion is based on the discussion of typical threat intelligence methods. It paves the path for gathering threat information from a vast amount of data and sources. The true challenge for teams is managing and maintaining excel sheets. Thanks to technological solutions, pressure is relieved and more profitable results are achieved.

Tips to make security asset

What is a firm’s greatest asset? It is its loyal and reliable employees. Hackers are highly adaptable to changing discourse of securities – making them almost immune to reinforced actions.

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